If you’re interested in any involvement in a Highbury Players’ production – acting, design, lights, sound, stage managing, props, prompting – we suggest you come to the production launch, which will happen in the theatre upper foyer about 3 months before the play starts.

The director will make you welcome and there’ll be a read through of the play. You can then decide if you’d like to get involved. For people interested in acting, there will then be auditions. People wanting to get involved in the backstage or technical side will be put in contact with the relevant head of department. We welcome people without experience as well as those who are more seasoned. 

If you’re not already a member of Highbury Players, you will be invited to join. More information about pricing and membership can be found here.

More details about the production launches can be found here

A list of all the launch dates can be found here

For more information, you can also email the Chair of the Arts Committee at: or ask at the box office. 

All the main stage Highbury Players’ productions run for a full 10 performances, spread over two weeks running Tuesday to Saturday. Studio productions usually run for a week.