We organise exhibitions throughout the year in our front foyer and coffee bar to coincide with the Highbury Players’ productions. As well as paintings we can exhibit photos, textiles, framed sculptures and calligraphy.

We are always on the lookout for new artists. For further information please contact exhibitions@highburytheatre.co.uk.

Current Exhibition

Geoff Stubbins

I am a self taught artist who works mainly in water colour and acrylic. My paintings reflect my love of the British countryside and my travels around the Mediterranean. My vibrant use of colour and my fascination with water and its reflections is evident in many of my paintings, from local canals to lakes and the coast.

More recently I have been inspired by Lowry’s work and have undertaken a series of ‘fun’ paintings that reflect what Lowry may have painted had he visited Lichfield and Birmingham in the past.

I am currently an honorary member of the Sutton Coldfield Society of Artists, a member of Walsall Society of Artists, and have held a number of successful exhibitions locally and exhibited at the RBSA and the New Walsall Art Gallery.

Where possible my pictures are painted on location or later from reference sketches and photographs. I also mount and frame my own pictures, as I feel it’s important to personally follow the whole process through from start to finish.

I can be contacted on 0121 323 2694 or by email at

Geoff Stubbins photo

(Exhibitions will be able to be viewed during Wednesday mornings, from 10am until 12 noon. And also in the evenings whilst attending a show at the theatre.)

Previous Exhibitions

Anya Mansurova

The importance of the role art plays in our world should not be underestimated. For me, artists are surgeons of the soul. Art can have a profound influence on our hearts and minds and encountering
art can have the effect of dividing one’s life into “before” and “after”.

With such power, I believe art has the ability to save
the world.

My aims and visions in art change from year to year and this is the concept of my approach: change. Our world develops and accelerates farther and faster. We have to live within the crazy waterfall of information, images and messages that we’re attacked by in our daily lives.

I’ve always been interested in themes of time, inconstancy, space, consciousness, nature, body, the meanings of communication in a vastly changing world. Installation, abstract art, either figurative painting or video – all these mediums are good for me if they get to the heart of the idea.

Art for me is part of this universe. This is an international language everyone can understand.

Anya Mansurova image

Sharon Phillips

Sharon Phillips is a dynamic artist with an enthusiasm for life, which she reflects colourfully and thoughtfully. Her themes stretch across landscapes, still life, portraits and abstract paintings.

Born in 1956, she has spent most of her working life in education and psychological services in Birmingham before becoming a coach in 2006 supporting school leaders. Sharon is now a full-time artist and uses art as a way to express, react to and appreciate nature, her experiences and people in her life.

As a keen traveller, her landscapes have spanned continents from paintings of a river in a Japanese national park, old buildings in Havana, Peruvian hills and scenes of winding alleyways and ports in old Spanish towns. Some of her landscape paintings take inspiration from closer to home, documenting walks through shadowy pathways in Bournville, strolls across the Malvern Hills, and exploring local parks, canals and cityscapes. Some of these will be exhibited at Highbury Theatre or can be seen on Instagram @sharonphillipsartist.

She currently participates in a number of classes, which she uses to stretch her knowledge of artistic movements and painting techniques. From these classes she has developed her skills in a range of mediums – including but not limited to – ink, watercolours, acrylics and oil paints.

Sharon is thrilled to be showcasing work spanning the past five years here at the Highbury Theatre in January and February offering audiences a window into her creative world. She has exhibited paintings at Ikon Gallery, Royal Society Arts Birmingham (RBSA) and Midlands Arts Centre (MAC). Sharon has also exhibited as part of EXP group and Hall Green Art Society (HGAS).

Sharon has undertaken many portraits, still life and landscape commissions using photographs. She is available to take on commissions in 2024. Her prices start at £150 for smaller studies. Initially she discusses with the commissioner the size, style and then near the completion of the artwork, any adjustments needed. Sharon can be contacted by email phillipssharon@me.com. Some of her paintings exhibited here are also on sale, offering you the opportunity to enjoy them in your home or give loved ones something special.

Sharon Phillips image

Wendy Griffiths

As a child my mother encouraged the family to draw and paint. We were taught “not to go over the lines and always shade in the same direction”.

After my children left home I had time to pursue my interest, which has led me along wonderful paths. I have not had formal art training and have learnt from observation of nature and other artists. It has been a great pleasure to visit exhibitions and galleries not only in this country but also in America and Australia.

My interests are varied and include portraits, florals, landscapes and abstracts using watercolour, oils, pastels and acrylics. I take my work from nature and also use my own photographs for inspiration. Where possible I like to use movement in my work with sweeping shapes. This comes from a fascination of watching birds in flight and also my love of dance, particularly ballet, where movement is an important expression.

I hand decorate china and ran a china painting group in Sutton. For the Millennium the group presented the Town Hall with a framed work of tiles depicting views of Sutton Coldfield.

I have been a member of the Warwickshire Watercolourists and the Lichfield Society of Artists and currently am a member of the Sutton Coldfield Society of Artists.

One of my happiest moments has been to see my grandchildren interested in art with one of them taking A level art at Bishop Vesey, with the intention of pursuing a career in one of the many aspects of art.

Wendy Griffiths image
Wendy Griffiths - Fruits photo
Wendy Griffiths - Sutton Coldfield Pictures photo
Wendy Griffiths - Flourish photo

Sandy Gough

I have loved to garden and draw ever since childhood.  Even at an early age plants and flowers delighted and fascinated me. I was encouraged by my maternal grandfather to help him in the garden, and by my dad who used to draw beautiful sketches of things he planned to make in wood.

Throughout my life I have tried to paint and draw flowers and plants, but have always been frustrated by the two dimensional appearance of my pictures. Taking part in various adult education classes didn’t fill my needs, until prior to retirement I attended a series of workshops at Winterbourne Botanic Garden.

Following this, I enrolled in a one year course in Botanical Illustration at Birmingham Botanical Gardens in 2010 and follow-on courses for a further two years. These were very inspiring courses, and opened up a whole new world for me by introducing me to the Birmingham Society of Botanical Artists.

I prefer working in coloured pencil and sometimes graphite and pen and ink. Having learnt the painterly techniques of using coloured pencils, I like the challenges of working out myself how to recreate these types of things on paper.

I am particularly drawn to specimens that are less than perfect, especially leaves and vegetables. I strive for botanical accuracy, relishing the detail. But above all I enjoy exploring the different aspects of this absorbing pastime, and sharing the love of drawing with the friends I have made attending my monthly pencil workshops.

Recently I have also experimented with drawing glass items, cutlery, and rusty objects of all kinds, trees and rotting wood. During lockdown I spent the time in drawing both of my daughters’ pet dogs – both have white dogs, so this was a very interesting challenge.

I have been lucky enough to have had commissions from people who have seen my work to draw portraits of their pets, flowers with personal significance, an impression of Glastonbury Tor, a favourite whisky glass, and an extra-large drawing of a Porsche car shield.

If you have a favourite flower or something you would like a drawing of, I am happy to take commissions. (The only things I don’t draw are people). I can be contacted via my email address.


Please put as the subject ‘Drawing Request’ so I don’t miss your email.

Sandy Gough image
Sandy Gough - Peak District photo
Sandy Gough - Horse photo
Sandy Gough - Bird photo

David Griffiths

Photography has been part of my life for many years.

My career started off in accountancy, and in the 1980s I studied photography at Sutton Coldfield College.

My photography was initially as an amateur, but professional opportunities arose and … as they say … the rest is history.

Major sporting events that I have covered include World Athletics Championships, World Baton Twirling Championships, Davis Cup tennis, World Badminton Championships, All England Badminton Championships, World Para-Badminton Championships, European Power Lifting, Netball Commonwealth Games and Test Matches and England Fencing Championships.

Much of my photography has centred on athletics – track and field, road racing, cross country and sports hall.

Nearly 1500 photographs have been published in sports magazines and books. An uncounted number of photographs have been published in local, regional and national newspapers with another uncounted number of prints and digital files bought by participants of the events and their families.

In addition to the event style of work, my interests include macro and floral work and local scenery.

David Griffiths image
David Griffiths - Rose photo
David Griffiths - Sports Personalities photos
David Griffiths - Trees photo