Experimental Productions at Highbury Little Theatre (1943-1946)

Spring 1943 The Italian Woman Wilfred Grantham
Sunday Costs Five Pesos Josephina Niggli
Fumed Oak Noel Coward
Autumn 1943 Jezebel Nora Ratcliff
Before Breakfast Eugene O’Neill
The Stronger August Strindberg
The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden Thornton Wilder
The Broken Pitcher Heinrich Von Kleist
Translated and abridged by Winifred Katzin
Spring 1944 Women at War Edward Percy
Vaclav the Bandit Tadevez Przeworsky
Translated by Winifred Katzin & Milda Robin
Thermopylae Anne Hogarth and John English
Autumn 1944 The Brothers Nora Ratcliff
The Play of the Wether John Heywood
Transcribed and abridged by Peta English
Spring 1945 The Shadow of the Glen J. M. Synge
The Incorruptible Phoebe M. Rees
The Proposal Anton Tchekov
Translated by Kenneth Morley
Autumn 1945 The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus Christopher Marlowe
A shortened version by Kenneth Morley
Coming through the Rye William Saroyan
Apple Pie Order T. B. Morris
Spring 1946 Prelude and Fugue Clifford Bax
The Farce of the Devil’s Bridge Henri Gheon
Translated by Barry Jackson
Intermezzo Vincent Godefroy
Doctor no Doctor
(Le Medecin Malgre Lui)
Translated and adapted by Noel Sherwood
Autumn 1946 The Six Wives of Calais L. du Garde Peach
The Red Velvet Goat Josephina Niggli
Riders to the Sea J. M. Synge
The Drawback Maurice Baring