69th Season - 2010/2011

Note: Performances at 7.30pm with no performances on Sunday or Monday except where stated.
There is usually an exhibition of the work of local artists in the Foyer during a production.

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Highbury's Amazing New Season 

So here it is, the season your Arts Committee have been working hard on this last year... they've whittled down an enormous amount of plays, cross-referenced them against the Highbury matrix, balanced it up for membership availablity and above all to balance between light and shade, known and unknown, farcical and hard-hitting to produce what the Management Committees have agreed is a beautifully rounded season... get your peepers around this:

21 Sept - 2 Oct 2010

The Things We Do For Love
– Alan Ayckbourn

A brilliant Ayckbourn to open our season which will take you on a journey from pathos to hilarity.
Sparks fly when the occupants of three flats attend a drunken dinner party... they all find out more about each other than they wished.
Main Stage - 2M 2F

18 - 23 Oct 2010 in the STUDIO

Bronte – Polly Teale

An atmospheric drama giving a fascinating glimpse into the lives of this famous literary family.
The Bronte sisters wrote novels at a time when it was socially unacceptable for women to do so. Using the characters they created, Polly Teale cleverly explores the sisters’ feelings and emotions.
Studio - 2M 4F

9 - 20 Nov 2010

Sping and Port Wine - Bill Naughton

This classic 1960’s Northern comedy is sure to entertain.
Rafe Crompton demands high standards from his family but his wife, Daisy, struggles to keep the housekeeping straight. When daughter, Hilda, refuses to eat her tea, the whole family is thrown into confusion
Main Stage - 5M 3F

21 December 2010 -1 January 2011
Matinee Performances starting at 2.30pm -27, 28, 30 December
Evening Performances starting at 7.30pm - 21, 22, 23, 27, 29, 30 December, 1st January 2011

Goody Two Shoes – Paul Reakes

A great traditional Pantomime providing entertainment for the whole family.
Everything you’d expect and more with Pantomime Dame, comedy duo an evil sorceress, loads of songs and bags of audience participation... it’s got it all going for it – lots of festive fun!
Main Stage

1 - 12 Feb 2011

Move Over Mrs Markham – Ray Cooney and J Chapman

To brighten the dark days of February enjoy this hilarious British comedy from the masters of Farce.
Joanna and Philip are going out and reluctantly agree to friends using their flat for an assignation. Things get out of hand, confusion reigns and chaos ensues! A fast-moving comedy of confused identities.
Main Stage - 4M 5F

21 - 26 Feb 2011 in the STUDIO

The Glass Menagerie – Tennessee Williams

This classic Tennessee Williams is a beautifully crafted, poignant story of memory and longing.
Amanda Wingfield re-lives her glory days through her children, wanting Tom to be successful and Laura to entertain gentlemen callers. Laura loves her menagerie of glass animals but when Tom’s friend comes to dinner her dreams are shattered.
Studio - 2m 2F

15 - 26 March 2011

Prescription for Murder - Norman Robbins
First published 2008

The play is set in the living room of the Forths’ house in Devon . The play opens with Barbara and Dorothy, the cleaner, tidying the living room; Barbara has been unwell, it appears. Mary and Allan Haigh are neighbours, who come over to see how she is. Eric Dawson arrives, asking to see Mrs Forth, whom he believes to be his former fiancé, Grace Walker. When Barbara comes downstairs, it is clear there has been a mistake, and he leaves.

When Richard Forth comes home from work, he is perplexed about Eric Dawson’s visit. Although he denies knowing Grace Walker, Barbara and Dorothy find a book inscribed to Richard from her.

Julia Moore had been Richard Forth’s girl friend before he met Barbara, and it is obvious she still likes him. Eric Dawson comes back to see if he has left a pen at the house, and he tells Barbara that he has almost been knocked down by someone. Dorothy drinks some tea made by Richard for Barbara, and she is suddenly taken violently ill.

As the plot unfolds, it seems that Richard must be trying to murder Barbara, but all is not as it seems! The twists and turns in the plot make this a gripping thriller, which should prove popular with our audiences.
Main Stage 4f, 3m

4 - 9 Apr 2011 in the STUDIO

The Female Of The Species – J Murray-Smith

Based on a true story involving Germain Greer, writer Margot is taken hostage by a young student. Add to the mix Margot’s daughter, her husband, and aggrieved taxi driver and a publisher, this funny play takes a look at what men and women really want from each other.
Studio - 3M 3F

3 - 14 May 2011

Six Acts Of Love – Ioanna Anderson

What constitutes a person?
Journey with these characters in this deeply moving, thought provoking play as they explore the themes of identity and how we remember our past. Just when life seems bereft of love, hope comes from an unexpected source.
Main Stage - 2M 3F

14 - 25 June 2011

Shadowlands – William Nicholson

This play tells the true life story of C.S.Lewis’ relationship with an American poet, Joy Gresham. Overcoming the objections of his brother and friends, he marries her.
This wonderfully written and poignant play is a perfect end to the Highbury Season.
Main Stage - 11M 2F

I hope you agree this is a fantastic season of plays to look forward to and well done to the five members of the Arts Committee for working it all out!!