67th Season - 2008/2009

Note: Performances at 7.30pm with no performances on Sunday or Monday except where stated.
There is usually an exhibition of the work of local artists in the Foyer during a production.

23rd September  -
4th October 2008

The Lady in the Van” by Alan Bennett (Play for Today)

5 female, 8 male

Adapted by the author from his autobiographical memoir, “The Lady in the Van” tells the story of Miss Mary Shepherd, whom Alan Bennett first came across when she was living in the street near his home in Camden Town . Taking refuge with her van in his garden, originally for three months, she ended up staying for fifteen years. The play is funny, touching and thought provoking.

20- 25 October 2008

Ladies Day” by Amanda Whittington

4 female, 1 male

Work, love and life are just one long, hard slog for the fish-filleting foursome Pearl , Jan, Shelley and Linda. However, their fortunes are set to change when Linda finds tickets to Ladies Day at Royal Ascot the year it relocated to York . The four ditch their work gear, do themselves up to the nines, and head off to the races for a drink, a flirt and a flutter. A warm-hearted exploration of the secret dreams cherished by us all, and how they can work out in reality.

11th -
22nd November 2008

A Touch of Danger” by Francis Durbridge

4 female, 5 male

When best-selling author Max Telligan’s secretary, Liz, and his about-to-be-ex-wife, Harriet, read in the newspapers that he has been found dead in Munich , they are stunned. Their shock turns to amazement, however, when he walks in, very much alive. The dead man was a friend of Max’s, and thus begins a sequence of events involving men from the CID, the CIA, the security services and a terrorist organisation. Max finds himself caught up in a dangerous situation where no-one is quite what he or she seems, including Harriet! The play is a taut thriller from the pen of one of our best known thriller writers.

23 December 2008 - 3 January 2009
Matinee Performances starting at 2.30pm - 27, 28, 30, 31 December & 2. 3 January 2009
Evening Performances starting at 7.30pm -23, 27, 29, 30 December & 3 January 2009

Hickory , Dickory, Dock” by Norman Robbins

8 female, 10 male

Poverty stricken Dame Foxtrot owes rent to Baron Hickory, but she does not know that her old grandfather clock is magical. The Fairy Queen has locked the wicked Black Imp in the clock to stop him from destroying Fairyland, but the wicked Wizard of Bong wants to set him free to help him steal the magic Jewel of Miracles. After many trials and tribulations, Good triumphs over Evil, and all ends happily. This is a traditional Christmas pantomime, with plenty of jokes, action and music.

3rd – 14th February 2009

Nobody’s Perfect” by Simon Williams

2 female, 3male

“Love is All Around” is a feminist publishing house, which is inviting new writers to submit a manuscript into a competition. The only catch is that the winning book must be written by a woman. Leonard submits his entry under the female pseudonym of Myrtle Banbury, and wins. Mayhem ensues as Leonard tries to conceal the truth, further complicated by the fact that he falls in love with the editor of the publishing house. A fast-moving comedy, sparkling with witty dialogue, revolving around  the battle of the sexes.

  23 - 28 February 2009

The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband” by Debbie Isitt

2 female, 1 male

Kenneth and Hilary have been married for nearly twenty years, but as middle age encroaches, Kenneth finds himself in the arms of another woman. At first, Laura seems to represent everything that is missing from Kenneth’s life with Hilary, but she cannot cook. Kenneth begins sneaking back to Hilary’s house for the pleasures of her culinary skills, but when she invites him and Laura over for dinner together, he is unaware of the delicacies she has on the menu. The play explores the themes of jealousy, humiliation, deceit and betrayal, giving a whole new meaning to the old adage “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”.!

17th – 28th March 2009

The Beauty Queen of Leenane” by Martin McDonagh

2 female, 2 male

Set in the mountains of Connemara, County Galway , “The Beauty Queen of Leenane” tells the darkly comic tale of Maureen Folan, a plain, lonely woman in her early forties, and Mag, her manipulative, ageing mother. Mag’s selfish interference in Maureen’s first, and possibly final, chance of a loving relationship sets in motion a train of events that lead inexorably towards the play’s terrifying denouement.

28th April –
9th May 2009

Present Laughter” by Noel Coward

6 female, 5 male

Popular actor Garry Essendine revels in being a temperamental prima donna. Now separated from his wife, Liz, he still remains under her control. When he becomes more deeply involved with Joanna, his manager’s wife, and it becomes clear it will be difficult to extricate himself, Liz returns and takes him again under her control. This play is vintage Noel Coward, sparkling with his trademark wonderful one-liners. It is fun, light and frothy.

18th – 23rd May 2009

Frozen” by Bryony Lavery

2 female, 2 male

One sunny evening, ten year old Rhona goes missing. Her mother, Nancy, retreats into a state of frozen hope. Agnetha, an American academic, comes to England to research a thesis, entitled “Serial Killing: A Forgivable Act?” Then there’s Ralph, a loner with a bit of previous who’s looking for some distraction. Drawn together by horrific circumstances, these three embark upon a long, dark journey which finally curves upward into the light. Bryony Lavery has written a brave and compassionate play about grief, revenge, forgiveness, and bearing the unbearable.

9th – 20th June 2009

My Cousin Rachel” by Daphne du Maurier

2 female, 5 male

Philip’s beloved uncle Ambrose has died abroad, after marrying the beautiful but enigmatic Rachel. Philip suspects her of having murdered Ambrose, but his antagonism towards her disintegrates as he falls in love with her. However, many questions remain unanswered; who is Rainaldi, and what is his relationship with Rachel? Is Rachel manipulating those she meets at Barton Hall, or is she genuine? Does she mean to ruin Philip? The play is full of twists and turns, leading to a tense denouement; was Rachel guilty or not?