2000/2001 - 59th SEASON

Note: No performances on Sunday or Monday except where stated.

There is usually an exhibition of the work of local artists in the Foyer during a production.

19 - 30 September 2000

RUMOURS by Neil Simon
This riotously funny comedy centres around the efforts of eight party guests try to spare their unfortunate host (and themselves) from scandal. Neil Simon has few peers, his masterly one-liners litter 'Rumours' in over-abundance and the plot has the ring of Feydeau or Cooney as events are covered up in the best possible way.

A fast moving hilarious farce to start the season.

7 - 18 November 2000

WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte adapted by Charles Vance.
The immortal love story set amid the bleak beauty of the Yorkshire Moors. Heathcliffe's passion for the beautiful Catherine has the vividness of nightmare, contrasting with beauty and simplicity, giving a spell-binding thriller and ghost story.

28 - 30 December 2000 and 2 - 6 January 2001

THE WIZARD OF OZ by John Morley
Join Dorothy, the Tin Man, lion and scarecrow in their adventures along the yellow brick road.

A guaranteed evening of fun for the family.

6 -17 February 2001


A political romp with scandle in high places. The Prime Minister and the Chancello are preparing a particularly puritanical budget taxing amusement, night clubs etc. Shocks are in store as each in turn appear to be the father of the pretty Shirley.

Our very funny comedy for what may be Election year.

20 - 31 March 2001

THE CRUCIBLE by Arthur Miller
This Highbury revival, is a study of the mass hysteria which led to the 1692 Salem witchcraft trials. It powerfully depicts people and principles under pressure and at the same time it is also clearly a parable for events in the USA with the persecution of anyone suspected of left wing views.

An outstanding play of our time.

1 - 12 May 2001


A doting mum finds it hard to accept that her son is leaving the fold to get married. What pathos, what rueful comedy, what psychological home truths Ms Mellor wrings from this fantasy.

One of the most ingenious and painfully funny comedies of family manners of the 90's.

12 - 23 June 2001
A Double Bill to celebrate our hosting of the National Conference of the Little Theatre Guild during 15 - 17 June 2001.

THE ORCHESTRA by Jean Anouilh

The bittersweet story of an orchestra with eight women and one man. Their trials and tribulations are told with humour and pathos. Highbury's other Anouilh offerings have included Trilgone, Ring Round the Moon and Columbe.

BLACK COMEDY by Peter Shaffer
Our second revival this Season. When it's light it's dark - but all will be revealed - when it's dark! Throw together a sculptor, debutante, frisky spinster, crusty colonel, camp antique shop owner and sundry others, and see why the play was such a success for the National Theatre in 1965 and for Highbury in 1976.

A black comedy which turns the world upside down to leave you laughing at the end of our 59th season.

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STUDIO Productions

14 October - 21 October 2000
SANDCASTLES by Bob Larbey. The BT Biennial Production.
Family adventures and mishaps on the beach - postcard humour!

Sunday 18 March 2001 - 2.30pm
Highbury Youth Theatre Open Session
Youth perform extracts from Our day Out and Blood Brothers.

Monday 25 June - Saturday 30 June 2001 at 8.00pm
A Touch of the ROSE MADDERS
A one act play

Other plays featuring new actors and producers will be arranged during the season.

It is anticipated that the Youth Theatre will present occasional productions in the Studio.

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Visiting Companies and Other Productions.

5 August 2000
The Raconteurs & The Acoustic Eleanor Rigby Experience with Andy Bole

4,6,7 October 2000
Class Act Drama Centre -
Children's Theatre

10 -14 October 2000
Viva Mexico
- Banners Gate Music Society

19 November 2000
An Evening of Music with Aldridge School

21 November 2000
Floral demonstration -
Wylde Green Flower Club

29 November - 3 December 2000
Dance Show
- Anne Harris School Of Dancing

11 - 13 January 2001
Dance Show
- Boldmere Ballet School, Jane Cook School of Dance

20, 27 January, 3 February 2001
- Highbury Youth Theatre tours a pantomime to local venues.

21 - 24 February 2001 
Musical Review
- Banners Gate Music Society

28 February - 3 March 2001
Sinbad - The Pantomime -
Circle Light Opera Company

7 April 2001 
Musical Evening -
Andy Bole and the Revolution String Quartet
A mix of world roots music and pieces by classical compsers such as Bartok.

15 May 2001
Wylde Green Flower Arranging Club

16, 17,19 May 2001
Dance Show
- Anne Harris School Of Dancing

18 May 2001
Betty Stackhouse Memorial Concert

15 - 17 June 2001
Host to the LTG National Conference - see News pages for details

24 June - 1 July 2001        Cancelled   
 A musical Play -
Circle Light Opera Company

12 - 14 July 2001
Seize the Day by Darren Vallier - Highbury Youth Theatre
A new musical first seen at the Cafe Roayal, London and premiered in Brighton only last year.
Rich in characters and songs this dramatic story is set at the time of newspaper strikes and a poverty stricken London

21 July 2001
From West End to Broadway - Music of the Night

Productions may also be presented by other Associated Companies including:-

Anne Harris School of Dance
Jane Cook Dance Schools - Boldmere Ballet and Sutton Stage Schools.
The Blenheim Wind Quintet
The Raconteurs
Walton Opera Group
Nottingham & Trent University Drama Society
Birmingham & Midlands Operatic Society (BMOS)
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