Development of Highbury.

In 1935 a small group of people who had been producing plays in local church halls since 1924 decided to provide a theatre centre for themselves. From the dedication of these people who had no money or rich patronage has grown the modern theatre that Highbury is today. The original theatre on the site was built almost entirely by the men and women members themselves during the early years of World War 2 using as a basis a wooden Mission Chapel which itself had been a hospital hut for World War 1 veterans.

Amongst the founding group was John English OBE whose deep interest and dedication to Theatre continues to inspire members even after his death in December1998. It was John who, with others, had the vision to form the Little Theatre Guild of Great Britain.

Highbury Theatre Centre opened in May 1942 and has continued to be used by a variety of activities from that day. Properties adjacent to the original site have been purchased as they have become available and in the 1980's a major rebuild of the premises was made possible. As with all community ventures there will always be something more that can be done and so it is with Highbury where we continue to develop our facilities and skills..

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Audience Survey June 2012

In line with the Highbury mission which is to raise, develop and re-define the standards of Community Theatre and our Founder Member, John English's motto " a good theatre never stands still" audiences were invited to complete a questionnaire when leaving from A Servant of Two Masters staged by Highbury Players and Our House by the Youth Theatre in June/July 2012.

The survey was designed to find out about their theatre going habit, how satisfied they were with the Highbury experience and to receive ideas on how we might improve it.

The results of the survey are set out in a consolidated article (pdf) for consideration and comment by members.

Past Productions by Highbury Players.

The first production at the then new theatre in May 1942 was Arms and the Man by Bernard Shaw produced by John English.

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