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We have been asked “What’s going on at Highbury Theatre?” Well there is a LOT going on!! Highbury Theatre is in a very strong position and everyone within it is committed to returning to entertain our audiences as soon as circumstances allow.

We’re getting things in place for when we can reopen: planning our season, working out how to do the performances safely with physical distancing for audiences, actors and back stage crew, how to keep our facilities clean and safe, plus catching up on maintenance and doing lots of service updating and improvements.

We’re planning to perform ‘Nell Gwynn’ by Jessica Swale as our reopening play, a rumbustious saucy romp that is just what is needed after these dire times.

The Highbury Film Club is planning to hold two trial screenings later in the summer when the government guidelines allow us to proceed. This will enable us to test whether our new interim procedures are robust.  If these screenings are successful, we will follow on with a short season of films later this year as a run up to the reopening of our main stage for Nell Gwynn.

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A Star is Born (2018) 133mins Cert 15
Directed by Bradley Cooper and stars
Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper,
A musician helps a young singer find fame, as age and alcoholism takes its toll on his career
1 Oscar for Lady Gaga’s music


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A chance meeting with an old man leads to the discovery of a tragic tale
and "a reminder to all the kids to be home in time and do as father tells them".

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