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Highbury Theatre Centre is a Private Membership Arts Centre sustained by voluntary community effort.
All members of the community are welcome to join Highbury according to their interest levels as Highbury Theatre Centre, Highbury Players, Highbury Youth or Highbury Film Club members

Persons wishing to attend any activities must be members of Highbury Theatre Centre
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Film Club Ticket Prices
Film Performance
tickets are priced at £5
(2016) plus £1 on your first attendance each year at the theatre for a play or film to become a Centre member.
All members of Highbury Theatre Centre are welcome to attend events organised by Highbury Film Club.
The British Board of Film Classification rulings apply in terms of age of Patrons permitted to view film programmes.

Tickets may be purchased from the Box Office either in person or by telephone (Answerphone) or online(where fees apply).

Film Club Membership
The Film Club is managed by a sub-committee of the Highbury Players Committee.

The Film Club operates alongside the Highbury Players and full membership is common to both..

Centre Members are invited to take up full membership of the Film Club and thereby to be able to take part in organising and running the activity including marketing, front of house, technical, programme choice etc.alongside those who choose to take full membership of Highbury Players.
Film Club full membership Form.
Highbury Film Club Constitution.