Centre Season Guide for 2018/2019 16.10,18


Note: Players Performances at 7.30pm with no performances in Main House on Sunday or Monday except where stated.
Studio performances usually Monday - Saturday
There is usually an exhibition of the work of local artists in the Foyer during a production.
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11 - 22 September 2018

Absent Friends
by Alan Aykbourne
Directed by
Sandra Haynes

23 September 2018 (Sun)

Testament of Youth (2014) 12A
Young Love and the futility of War.

29 September 2018
Quiz Night
Social Committee

2 October 2018
National Grid Conference
Private meeting

23 October - 3 November 2018

Variation on a Theme
by Terence Rattigan
Directed by Allison Cahill

28 October 2018 (Sun)

The Sapphires (2012) PG
Four Australian Aborigional girls
learn of love, friendship and war

5 - 10 November 2018
Drama School Presentation

Class Act Drama Centres
Invited Audience

13 November 2018
Floral Demonstration
Wylde Green Flower Club

17 November 2018 (Sat)

Journeys End (2017) 12A
The terrified men who fought the Great War.

25 November - 1 December 2018
Matinee Saturday 1 December

From the Top Theatre Company
A traditional Pantomime by D Crump
Tickets: Phone 07763 544077or
or Buy Tickets on line

2 December 2018 (6.00pm)
Highbury Community Theatre Group

A Christmas Truce
AlleyKATS (Sutton YMCA Disabled Group)
Directed by Jane Mason

10 - 15 December 2018
in the STUDIO

Attack of the Christmas Puddings
by Richard Walter and Simon Baker
Can Holly Noel and friends save the Season of Goodwill?
Directed by Simon Baker

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Highbury Carol Service -
7.30pm at Emmanuel Church, Wylde Green

Thursday, 27 December 2018
2.30pm Matinee

Family Film
Paddington 2 (2017) PG
Magic, Mystery and Marmalade
Something for the whole family.

8 and 11 January 2019 (Tues & Fri)
Special Showing

Enchanted April (2009) U 95min
A warm, romantic feel good movie.

17, 18 January 2019 (Thurs, Fri)

Commander of Magic II
Chris Commander

20 January 2019
GAK in the Box
A musical presentation
(Performances at 4.00 and 6.00pm)

26 January 2019 (Sat)

The General (1926) U
Buster Keaton drives his locamotive
in pursuit of Union spies

2 February 2019
Quiz Night
ocial Committee

12 - 23 February 2019

The Coarse Acting Show
by Michael Green
Directed by Ian Appleby & Rob Phillips

24 February 2019 (Sun)

The Darkest Hour (2017) PG
The power of leadership uniting a nation.

1 - 3 March 2019

BFAME Drama Festival
Booking Form

16 March 2019 (Sat)

Death of Stalin (2017) 15
A Comedy of Terrors

26 March - 6 April 2019

Rules for Living
by Sam Holcroft
Directed by Ian Appleby

29 - 31 March 2019
Host LTG National Conference

13 April 2019 (Sat)

Master and Commander -
The Far Side of the World (2003) 12A
Naapoleonic war at sea

30 April - 11 May 2019

Dead Man's Hand
by Setmour Matthews
Directed by Liz Parry

5 May 2019 (Sun)

Hachsaw Ridge (2016) 15
He received a Medal pf Honour
without firing a shot.

13, 15 - 18 May 2019
Drama School Presentation
Class Act Drama Centres
Invited Audience

14 May 2019
Floral Demonstration
Wylde Green Flower Club

19 - 25 May 2019

From the Top Theatre Company
by Paul Carpenter & Ian Gower

 Phone 07763 544077
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1 June 2019
Friends of Highbury

The 1938 Pageant of Birmingham
Margaret Smith
Talk ilustrated with
Costumes and Photographs of the event

2 June 2019

Highbury Players
Familiarisation with 2019/20 Season

8 June 2019 (Sat)

Dunkirk (2017) 12A
The event that shaped our World

25 June - 6 July 2019

All my Sons
by Arthur Miller
Directed by Ian Appleby

30 June 2019 (Sun)

The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006) 15
Set against the 1920 Irish War of Independence

7 - 13 July 2019

The SCRIPT Youth Musical Theatre Company
by Lionel Bart
Ticket Information

14 July 2019
at 6.00pm
Highbury Community Theatre Group

Mary Poppins at Highbury
AlleyKATS (Sutton YMCA Disabled Group)
Produced by Jane Mason

15 July 2019
Schools Invitation
Highbury Community Theatre Group

Mary Poppins at Highbury
AlleyKATS (Sutton YMCA Disabled Group)
Produced by Jane Mason