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Highbury Players
Familiarisation and Reading Dates

18/19 Highbury Players Production details

.Highbury Players Production Reviews.

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Directed by Sandra Haynes
Directed by Ian Appleby
Directed by Simon Baker

Highbury Players News

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Reading and Casting dates for 78th Season

Any interested persons may attend the Readings but with Highbury Players Membership being required to partake in productions.

Highbury Players Production Reviews

Directed by Colin Judges
Directed by Alison Cahill
Directed by Liz Parry
Directed by Anne Bravey


About Highbury Players


Highbury Players are the resident company at Highbury Theatre Centre.

In 1935 a small group of people who had been producing plays in local church halls since 1924 decided to provide a theatre centre for themselves.

Guided by, amongst others, John English this resulted in Highbury Little Theatre being built by themselves and in the formation of the Highbury Players for its opening in May 1942.

The Players went on to be founder members of the Little Theatre Guild.

The Players are led by a management team elected at an Annual General meeting in January some of whom also sit on the Highbury Theatre Trust Management Committee which manages the Highbury Theatre Centre.

Players Membership

Anyone interested in working in Highbury may apply for Players Membership using the form on the Membership & Prices pages and in accordance with the criteria set out in the Highbury Players Constitution .

All theatre activities are available including Acting, Directing, setbuilding, costumes, props, stage management, technical and front of house work.

There is a Centre Membership for those wishing solely to attend productions and social activities.

Play Selection and Casting

A programme of seven Main House plays are produced each season.
Acting Workshops and occasional performances may take place in the Studio.

The programme is chosen by an elected Arts Committee.

The Main House plays selected will usually follow the Highbury tradition by including an English Classic, an International Classic, a play connecting the theatre with our own times, one or more new plays that are good theatre but which cannot be readily seen elsewhere and a children's Christmas play

The plays for a season and their producers are announced in July each year .

There then follows a series of Reading and Casting meetings for actors and Technical meetings for the production team the dates for which are shown above.

Facilities for productions

The Players are supported by an extensive archive of play copies, large wardrobe and properties departments and technical equipment which are described under the Centre Facilities tab.

Set Design, Construction, Wardrobe, Props, Technical and FOH activities.

Highbury Players Design and Build all their sets "in House". Work parties assemble on a Monday evening at 7.30pm and Wednesday mornings at 9.30am.

At this time the Wardrobe department are also in residence costuming the productions from our extensive Ladies and Gentlemans' Wardrobe.

Assistance in these activiities is always welcomed as it is in the Front of House activiities during productions!

Highbury Players Constitution.
The constitution of the Highbury Players including Highbury Youth Theatre which outlines membership criteria and organisation is available in PDF format

Directed byIan Appleby