Following a trial screening of "Some Like It Hot" in the summer of 2013 it has been decided to reform the Highbury Film Club.

The films are selected on a similar basis to that used when the origional Film Club operated in the period 1943 - 1956 being films of international status and interest from all periods and genres of film making and not normally screened in commercial cinemas

A published programme of eight Classic films are presented each season commencing in the 2014/2015 theatre season to be digitally projected in HD onto a new screen across almost the full 16 feet width of the procenium arch. . .

As with the early Highbury Film Club is part of the wider circle of people interested in films through contact with the British Federation of Film Societies (BFFS) and the Bristish Film Institute (BFI). and other local interests.

Futher information: filmclub@highburytheatre.co.uk

The First Film Club Season - 1943

The First Film Club Showing October 1943 (16mm films)
Entry fee was 3/-

But now on Youtube! Papageno and The Ringmaster

Feb 2014
May 2015